Anne Quackenbush

Thanks to Tableau

California, Maine, and Washington, are the most profitable and have been increasing since as early as 2012. Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania are the least profitable and are in fact in the red. Pennsylvania has suffered less of a dramatic decrease in profitability.

This is the profitability of California over the past three years. California has proven to increase their profitibality, as it more than doubled. This increase could be due to an increase in sales made.

This is the profitability of the product categories in California. Profits are highest for office supplies, with technology still relatively successful. Furniture is much less successful, and should not be the main focus

This is the forecast for quantity of sales of office supplies in California. Forecasted sales a year from November 2014 are forecasted to increase by 13%, though the spike of demand in September is not as high, so they could implement marketing campaigns to increase sales.

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